The Kardashian Effect: Reality TV and Social Media Celebs Fuel Plastic Surgery Boom

The Kardashian Effect: Reality TV and Social Media Celebs Fuel Plastic Surgery Boom

Plastic surgery is nothing new in Los Angeles, a city where beauty and youth are currency. It’s been popular since the early twentieth century, but usually as a palliative, “after the fact” method to deal with the natural aging process. However, the average age of patients seems to be getting younger every year. The year 2016 saw a nearly 40% rise in non-invasive procedures (like Juvederm and Botox injections) among millenials. However, procedures like rhinoplasty and mini-lifts are also gaining popularity among young people.

This phenomenon even has a name: The Kardashian Effect (no doubt the Jenners are upset about that one). The Kardashians have been awarded this dubious honor because of Kim’s alledged BBL procedure, and because they no longer look anything like they did five years ago.

Industry experts say that procedures that used to be reserved for people 35 and older are now popular among 20 year-olds. What’s behind this recent trend? There are several theories as to the most likely suspect.


Why is one social media app being targeted for this trend? Some people have theorized that young millenials have internalized the filters and effects on Instagram as a type of perfection–how one is “supposed” to look. Fillers that boost collagen production emulate these effects and filters. Others say that the issue isn’t quite as simple as the attempt to achieve “digital perfection”. They argue that people know that these images are doctored, but that doesn’t stop them. This leads us to the next potential culprit…

Misconceptions and Misinformation

Some young people seem to believe that the plastic surgery and appearance altering treatments are a preventative measure; they believe that these procedures will prevent them from aging. Unfortunately, that’s far from true. Injections like these carry a potential risk of muscle atrophy.

In fact, in a sadly ironic twist, many young actresses choose to get an injection of some sort of filler. Then, a few months later, they end up requesting to have the procedure reversed. Why? Because their faces aren’t elastic and emotive enough for them to be convincing actors!

Some of this misinformation can be at least partially linked to the cosmetic industry’s recent shifts in marketing. In recent years, they’ve begun to advertise retinol products and peptide cream, mostly to women in their early twenties. While this might not seem like enough of a “gateway” to Botox or Juvederm, these advertising messages do plant aging anxiety in young people.


Another reason that millenials are beginning to use these products is the simple fact that they’re available now. While these procedures used to be an exclusive privilege of moneyed Beverly Hills residents, even many small towns now have some sort of “medi-spa” that offers Botox, Juvederm, and other types of fillers, in addition to their more standard services like manicures and brow-shaping.

Other Negative Effects of Technology

In addition to Instagram’s influence on body image, technology plays other roles in these struggles as well. Doctors have reported that some teenagers are beginning to develop squint lines from looking at screens excessively! Interestingly, chiropractors have also noted an alarming number of millenials with neck and back problems associated with looking down at their smartphones. We’re not advocating giving up your phone entirely; that’s crazy talk. It’s a good idea to take a break every once in awhile, though.

Fighting Back

You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true: knowledge is power.

When you not only recognize, but internalize the fact that almost no model’s picture on Instagram is an accurate representation of how that person looks “irl,” you might end up reconsidering cosmetic procedures. The long-term effects of the procedures aren’t widely known yet; while most recipients may be perfectly fine, some people face the frightening possibility of muscular atrophy and facial paralysis.

We hope that millenials begin to recognize that the risks outweigh the rewards, but judging by recent statistics, it may be awhile before we can write that story.

6 Expert Wedding Portrait Tips

6 Expert Wedding Portrait Tips
Gathering your family for portraits can be a challenge. Once you throw in a big Thanksgiving meal and a new presidential election that everyone wants to talk about, it can be next to impossible to get everyone together to take a decent picture. Wedding photographers are quite accustomed to these unique challenges, so you can use some of their tips to make your family portrait less hectic.

1. Find a portrait location and commit to it

It’s quite likely that your older relatives will have suggestions for the best place to take the family portrait. Save yourself the headache of finding a place to take the picture and get everyone together in a location that will work. If you want to take the portrait outside, be sure the location has even lighting and a simple background. If you have too many accessories in the scenery, these distractions could be a hassle during photo editing.

2. Get A Tripod

Even if you don’t want to use a tripod, it could really come in handy when you’re taking a family photo. A tripod gives you a more even angle and background, which means your pictures will look great in a gallery setting. The timer on the tripod will let you take photos without having to hand the camera off to family members who want to take turns taking pictures when all your family members aren’t prepared.

3. Keep the Lighting Simple

During the holidays, it’s cold in many areas of the country. That means taking a photo outside may be impossible, so make sure that everyone looks flattering in the picture. Choose a large light source, unless you have a big family and need more than one light. This way, you can prevent dark spaces and shadows in the photos.

4. Tell Everyone Where to Look–and Count Down

Your family members will likely be all over the place during the photo for a number of reasons. You’ve probably also taken family photos when someone wasn’t looking at the camera. Remind your family where to look, so that the photo looks professional and is to everyone’s liking. Chantale Lecours Photographe Portrait, a seasoned wedding photographer from Montreal, Canada, offers this piece of advice: “Always have a toy with you to attract young children’s attention before taking a picture. I have a plush lion that I shake over my head before snapping a shot. I look like Rafiki presenting baby Simba to the masses, but hey – whatever works.”


Count down from three before the picture to make sure that your family members aren’t blinking or looking away from the camera. Keep in mind that small children and elderly family members may still not be focused on the camera, but hopefully this will make for a candid shot that shows your family’s overall personality. Someone in the picture will probably blink as well, but if you give everyone a countdown, you can minimize this.

5. Take Lots of Shots–But Not Too Much

It’s a must that you take a lot of shots, but remember that your relatives will only tolerate so many shots. After all, everybody wants to get back to eating and watching the football game. So take as many shots as you can in a short amount of time and choose from the best ones.

6. Choose a Creative Pose

Don’t get too artistic, but make your holiday photo one of a kind by having the kids pose a certain way or putting the older family members in chairs. You can also ask your family members to wear jersey’s from your favorite family sports team or take a photo of everyone doing something that your family loves, like singing or dancing.

Most of all, make sure that you edit the photos as quickly as possible, since relatives will be asking to see the photos fast. The faster you finish the photos, the faster you can get back to enjoying the holidays.

Hot Tips for Wedding Day Shape-Up

Hot Tips for Wedding Day Shape-Up

Do you want to get in better shape before your big day? The key is to know how to get into better shape in the shortest amount of time. That’s because your wedding day could be planning for the near future. In that case, it’s important to get fit fast.

Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Do your homework

Before you get started, it’s important to do some research about the basics of weight loss and fitness. You might have plans to use a nutritionist or trainer for getting into better shape before your wedding. That’s OK!

You should still do some research, so you know a little about what’s included in a balanced diet, what an effective workout program looks like, and so on. That will make it easier to design a plan that will help to reach your goals and slim down before your wedding day.


  1. Lose weight to boost confidence

isagenix-wedding-weight-lossThis should be the main reason why you take steps to get into better shape before your wedding day. Sure, there might be other reasons such as to improve your appearance and get rid of your love handles. However, what’s most important is to have enough confidence on one of the biggest days of your life.


  1. Keep your dress in mind

How do people burn fat? Keep in mind that there’s no “spot reduction” of fat. You must first get your body fat to a certain level before you can start toning your muscles. As a result, you should focus on a mix of cardio/weight resistance to produce the best results.

That said after you burn enough body fat you can start focusing on certain body parts that you’ll want to work on regarding fitting into your wedding dress and looking wonderful. For example, you might want to focus on your arms or legs, or tummy and back. What’s most important is to focus on burning fat then toning.


  1. Develop a workout plan

It’s important to have the best workout plan for your particular needs. It should take into account various issues. How much weight do you want to lose? How much time do you have per week for workouts? Do you have any health issues that would limit which exercises you can do?

These are important issues to consider when developing a workout plan. Whether you do it yourself or hire a trainer, making sure you know what your goals and limits are will help to develop the best plan for your particular needs. On the other hand, not considering such issues will have the opposite effect and could cause a world of trouble.

  1. Reduce stress

Make sure that you reduce your stress levels during the process of shaping up. The problem is that worry can affect various health issues including weight-loss. Instead, focus on your fitness goals and work hard to achieve them. The opposite of worrying is taking action. By focusing on your diet and fitness program, you’ll lose weight faster.


  1. Keep eating

A big mistake that many people including brides-to-be when getting in shape is thinking that simply reducing caloric intake is the best diet to have. Instead, it’s better to make sure you’re still eating food.

The key is to cut calories and boost nutrition. You’ll be burning calories by working out, so that will create a caloric deficit. On the other hand, you should try to take steps to make your diet healthier. For example, reduce your intake of sugar, salt, and fat. Focus on complex carbs instead of simple carbs. Reduce your portion sizes. These steps will help you to get into shape faster.